Commissions are when you tell the painter what to paint. Usually it's something very specific like a special vacation spot, a particular view, a cherished pet, children, etc. If you already like the way I paint, I can be the perfect person to tell what you want in your painting. I listen very, very carefully, I sometimes use your photos or take my own. I can travel to your home to see where the painting will be hung. A price is decided on ahead of time. If needed, I paint a small version of the large painting so the client can see what it will look like. All in all, it's a pretty wonderful experience and I very often get a few tears from my clients when I deliver the final painting.

I would be happy to give you references of my very satisfied clients.

Contact me at joanne@joanneshellan.com or call or text me at 425-681-5086

Letter from client

Dearest brilliant Joanne,
You surpassed my dream of this painting. Wow- Stuart absolutely loves it and was blown away. And please thank John for the fabulous frame!
Thank you and many hugs!

Here are some frequently asked questions about commission

“How much does a commissioned painting cost?” Prices vary
according to size and difficulty. A price is given after we dicuss the details
but here are some base prices just to give you an idea; 12x16” $490, 24x30”
$1440, 32x48” $2990. Usually the price includes the frame but each commission
is personal and unique so this too varies. I’ve often escorted my clients to my
wholesale framer so they can choose a frame that both matches the painting and
their home décor.


"Does is cost less if I go directly to you instead of through one of your gallery's?

All my work is the same price whether you go directly through me or through one of my gallery's.

“Do I give you photos or just tell you what I want?” Both!
If it’s an idea that’s in your mind, then I listen carefully and try to hear as
best I can exactly what you want. If you have photos, I will work from those.
If it’s a portrait of a child, I work from photographs. If it’s an adult who is
willing to sit for me, I prefer to work from life. Often, part of the fun for
me is to go out on photography and sketching mission to try to capture what you
have in mind. I often do small paintings for the client to make sure I have the
complete idea in place before beginning the final painting—but not always.


“Do I pay before I see the final painting?” In my world, it’s
of utmost importance that you LOVE your painting. You don’t pay until you see
the final work and fall madly in love with it. If for some reason you don’t
love it, I’ll keep working on it to try to satisfy you. If I’m unable to
satisfy you (which has never happened), I would keep the painting and there
would be no charge.


Quotes from satisfied

"We moved into a new house 3 years ago and we have a great
room with 20 foot ceilings and a massive stone fireplace.  After looking
for a signature piece for this spot, we finally decided we needed to commission
someone to provide the solution.  For our wedding, Sherry's parents gave
us one of Joanne's pieces for our kitchen.  We love her style and so we
asked her to come speak with us about a large piece for the fireplace.  To
say the entire experience was a "Piece of Cake" is an
understatement.  Joanne visited our home, understood our desires,
photographed the room and the view and then she painted a small sample of what
she heard us describe.  It was perfect and she went off to finish the real
painting.  Joanne is a very easy person to work with, she is very
attentive but took our vision and created the painting that is the center piece
of our room.  We loved it on first sight and it blends in so well with our
home.  We are so happy with the result and can recommend Joanne as someone
excellent to help you create your artistic dream."

the look and feel of the painting, Joanne!”


“Love the painting.”


“I can't tell you how often I look at "Hike." 
Multiple, multiple times a day!  It changes throughout the day with the
changing ambient light in the room, and again when we turn our lights on in the
evening.  The way you lit trailhhead with a warm glow, and then darkened
that path as it disappears is just amazing.  It's like the trailhead
welcomes you, and the slight darkening lends an an aura of suspense, like,
hmmmmm, what's around the corner; I can't wait to see!


Your painting (MY painting!)  is situated near the
entryway and is prominently viewed from the living room.  All who enter
our home are mesmerized by it!  I love it SO much!  I can't thank you


“Joanne did a terrific job on a commission for my
office.  I get lots of compliments on her work from my clients.”


"The artisan travels the
long road to skill. The journey requires stamina and
perseverance. Webster's says 'perseverance is continuing in a state of
grace until it is succeeded by a state of glory.' When skill has been
mastered, the lucky artisan meets inspiration at a crossroads and art blossoms.
 I have witnessed Joanne Shellan's journey for many years. She is an