I LOVE painting Pacific Northwest Landscapes. I've been living in Washington State nearly all my life and most of my scenes are from around the PNW. My father was a great lover of nature, a painter and photographer and has passed this legacy on to me. My work starts with an incredible sight that makes me stop and take photographs with my trusty, always-with-me camera. I begin by using multiple photo references and sketching out many designs before choosing the strongest compostion.

I don't have an exact method that I use for every single painting. Each design seems to demand a slightly different approach. I do love to use strong color and high contrast. I love letting the strokes from the brush show up big and clear. I try very hard not to let every detail overtake my painting so that the viewer can fill in some of these for themselves-- often I take my glasses off when I'm painting so I can't even see the detail let alone add them! Each painting takes several weeks of pokeing and shaping it into the very best painting I can create.

Slash of BlueBridge to the PastChariots of ColorWinter WearPass the TimeDinghy Dory in a RowRockin' My DreamboatWaiting for a FriendColor of WaterLovers of the ShoreSong of WaterA Goodly VesselMorning MistPoetry of Nuts and BoltsFlip Flop InnFresh & SteadySalty BreezeScale TaleSail AwayHear the Boat SingLadies in WaitingSummer ShineBlue MoonGolden HourIsland TimeThe Right PlaceBeach HavenBay BustleBetween Starshine & ClayCarillonFreshness of the DayKathyOasisSalmon LandingBeach AdirondacksAdirondack WavesBay AdirondacksEcola State Park