I want to tell you a story that holds your interest and keeps your attention inside the four walls of that story for as long as possible. I want to give you enough of that story to piqué your interest but not over-burden you with details. My tools are the four edges of my canvas, my paints and brushes, my photographs, my emotions, and all the skills of my trade. If I can pull you into my story, then mission accomplished.

The art of painting is endlessly interesting to me. As I build up years as an artist, I have more tools in my toolbox to help me realize my ideas on canvas. I drag my camera with me everyone and constantly take pictures that are jumping off places for some of my paintings. I also love to sketch and plein air paint outside. The variety of studio and plein air painting adds variety to my days and my work.

Paying attention to what’s important to my heart and letting go of all the clutter is how I think meaningful paintings are born. Looking inside to clarify my core values and then imagining it in visual form is my biggest challenge and what keeps me coming back again and again to the easel.